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If you’re going to invest in a place outside of the city you’re going to be faced with a seemingly endless array of different factors to take into consideration. What do you want to actually do there during your precious holiday hours? Are you looking for somewhere you can ski? Hike? Or just somewhere you can do absolutely nothing at all, for as long as you feel like it? Are you looking for somewhere within easy reach of civilisation, or totally, gloriously remote? And do you want an absolutely contemporary house, or one that acknowledges its rural positioning? Well, unfortunately homify can’t answer any of these questions for you. What we can do, however, is give you a quick look at some of the houses other people seeking a countryside retreat have opted for.


This top-heavy, gravity-defying masterpiece looks just right – if a little precarious – perched on this snowy slope. In fact this building is part of a resort rather than being a privately owned holiday home, but its unique structure still provides plenty of inspiration for those thinking of a slightly unconventional house for personal use too. The balcony sits perfectly at the corner of the building like a neat chunk taken out of the structure. This helps to maintain the smooth silhouette of the exterior, rather than breaking it up as a protruding balcony would do.

​Rustic on the outside, modern on the inside

This house looks like it could only belong in a rural setting, with its wooden and stone cladding and its cute, steeply sloping roof. However on the inside the space is light and bright thanks to the large, modern window and glass door that open onto the terrace.

​Let the light spread

This interior shot of the same house shows how bright the bedroom is. As the bedroom is located on a mezzanine floor, the light also filters throughout the rest of the relatively compact space within, including the lower floors.

​Relaxed wining and dining

The terrace is the ideal place to enjoy long, lazy dinners with your guests as the sun goes down – or just to sit alone and enjoy your own company and your beautiful mountain view. Beats watching TV.

​Restrained design

Quinta H | eco-renovation | Madeira Mayer & Selders Arquitectura Casas rústicas
Mayer & Selders Arquitectura

Quinta H | eco-renovation | Madeira

Mayer & Selders Arquitectura

The design of this building has something very buttoned-up and proper about it. Perhaps it’s all the straight lines, the relatively small windows and the lack of greenery surrounding it, but it seems very prim, proper and unemotional. This is a house for those who love nature but still want to feel comfortably shielded from it when they’re indoors. It’s a house for people who don’t necessarily want their countryside retreat to scream “countryside retreat”. Note how it almost appears to be made out of two separate houses stitched together. Maybe this house has hidden layers to its personality.

Escape into a story

Like something out of Heidi or The Sound of Music, this mountain log cabin seems so perfectly, gorgeously traditional it’s hard to believe it’s not fictional. Coming here on your holidays would mean a complete and utter disconnect from reality. And isn’t that what a lot of us are looking for?

​Make friends with the forest

Rustic style residence with water garden homify Jardines de estilo rústico

Rustic style residence with water garden


For those who love getting out in nature, a woodland hideaway like this one has to be the ideal holiday home. With its predominately natural-looking materials, this building almost appears to be part of the forest itself. A word of warning, though: bring mosquito repellent. Lots of it.

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