80m² apartment with subtle wall patterns

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Success is following the pattern of life one enjoys the most. – Al Capp

A person who follows his daily habits would often form a pattern that is predictable, repetitive and reliable. For a home, on the other hand, patterns can be reflected as geometric shapes designed to have a sequential template. They come in various styles which is why, adding too much into your home could make it look tacky. Today, Homify will show you a subtle and beautiful way in utilising specific patterns and its ideal placement in your home.

In this 80m² apartment, you'll see how these patterns make this home look cool and interesting without being too overpowering.

The use of small sized graphic patterns create a solid look when seen from afar, but looking closely, you'll see the intricate details. Having a smoke blue colour tone also diffuses its markings, a perfectly relaxing tone that charmingly makes the atmosphere light and airy. Along the couch is a plain smoke blue wall with a framed photograph of a cityscape while the patterned side is kept decoratively placed across from it.

The design also beautifully highlights the simple furniture, elegant lighting and a wide glass balcony door with floor to ceiling curtains. The apartment also fashions a good-sized kitchen with custom built shelves along the counters and the cabinets. The tiled flooring, on the other hand, flows from the entrance doorway, tracing a path all the way to the kitchen while the rest of the area are fitted with hardwood floors.


All the furnitures in the bedroom are kept sleek and simple. The patterned wall is kept in one area which is the wall along the headboard. The pattern has the same colour tone but has a different pattern. Here, I'd like you to focus your attention on those lamps on top of the side tables. As a statement piece, the light casts an intricate pattern onto the wall, that creates a mercurial and whimsical atmosphere. 


Again, only one wall is decorated with a smoke blue coloured pattern. Here you'll see how the larger, bolder zigzag patterns look good in a smaller room. The light from the corner window beautifully illuminating the entire space of the study.

The use of tiles that appear to have wood grain pattern looks absolutely stunning! It fills the entire floor and portions of the wall along the shower and bath tub area. On the vanity mirror, you'll see a bold dark blue coloured geometric pattern that is minimally and strategically placed as an accent design. The laundry machine can also be found inside the bathroom, a perfectly smart and practical location for small spaces.

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