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Mumbai being the commercial capital of India is also well renowned for its advanced medical healthcare facilities. Apparently it has become a go-to destination for various medical treatments. Many national and international patients visit India to get their treatments done in Mumbai.

Carrying the baton from Delhi as an affordable destination for providing various surgery, Mumbai is now the most preferred city when it comes to neurosurgery. So, now let us know that Why Mumbai is preferred for neurosurgery! Undoubtedly, people from around the globe come here from their treatment as Mumbai do provide with lot of opportunities and options when it comes to neurosurgery. Best neurosurgeons in Mumbai ¬¬undergo extensive training in the field of neurology and neurosurgery. They are highly qualified and have won many awards. Let us move to the reasons why one should choose Mumbai for your neurosurgery. 

1. Latest Technology  

2. Quality

3. Medical Tourism 

Latest technology   

With advancements in medical science, technology has played a major role in making neurosurgeries easier to perform and less painful. In Mumbai, a majority of clinics and hospitals use latest technology procedures to perform various neurosurgery. One of them being advanced, functional neurosurgery is a neurosurgical discipline which caters to surgical treatment for movement disorder. And one such common movement disorder is Parkinson’s disease. Another common movement disorder we know is tremors. We also cater to epilepsy, spasticity, psychiatric disorder etc. It is the most advanced neurosurgery.