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Lara Pujol Garriga (Girona, 1987), Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design by EINA Design School (Autonomous University of Barcelona), lives between Girona and Barcelona, where she works as a designer.

She started her professional career in the design field in 2006, at the architecture firm Arquigest SL, in Girona, where she carried out different tasks including administration, delineation and conception of interior design projects for new housing constructions, combining this job with her university studies. At the end of 2008, she was selected to perform an internship at the design studio Salasstudio, led by the renowned interior designer Fernando Salas, of whom, along the years, became his main collaborator. During fout years and a half, as Fernando Salas’ right-hand person, she was responsible for the management and coordination of his studio, located at the premises of Palo Alto in the 22@ district of Barcelona. She had closely participated in the execution of different projects concerning graphic, industrial and especially interior design for customers like Carré Furniture, El Molino Café-Concierto theater, Vega Sicilia winery or the fashion brand Custo Barcelona among others. The years spent at Salasstudio and the close relationship that ties her to Fernando Salas, considered by her as her main mentor, allow her to collaborate nowadays in a wide range of projects either in the commercial or residential field, ephemeral constructions, product design or graphic design. The unrivalled setting of the Palo Alto premises, a former industrial site refurbished and dedicated since 1988 to different creative studios, allowed her to keep frequent contact with other professionals such as Bailo-Rull (Architecture), Claramunt (Architecture), Mariscal (Design), Bernadó (Photography), Medina-Campeny (Sculpture), Victor Perez-Porro (Painting), among others. Throughout the last years at Salasstudio, she combined her main professional activity with the development in parallel of her freelance designer activities, where she conceptualized different spaces in Barcelona and Girona. It is of particular significance, her participation commitment to the Girona Temps de Flors flower festival. This popular event fills every spring the old quarter of the city of Girona with ephemeral flower displays and drags some 200.000 visitors to the city. Interested also by the design of lamps using recycled objects, she has developed since 2009 a collection named FoundCre.LAMPS. A creative project born as a mere hobby that has progressively grown in personality and has already been part of several exhibitions, the last of them in the "La Cripta" space in the FAD Barcelona (Fostering Arts and Design), in a cycle of young creators called "La incubadora" Driven by her interest in permanent training, she has also participated in different courses linked to design by different teaching institutions such as the Col•legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers de l’Edificació de Barcelona (CAATEEB), the Universitat de Girona (UdG), Barcelona Activa (Ajuntament de Barcelona), and other courses on the specific software for graphic design. An enthusiast about painting and photography, she is also a loyal follower and admirer of architecture, interior design and design in general, lover of Flamenco and passionate about music, dancing and travelling.

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