Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd


A Hardworking Team..
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Fecha del proyecto: enero 2015
Now it's an office of Business and IT consulting Company named Esperor Empowerment Pvt Ltd.
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Cant give qnybreview as they have not properly responded to me
hace casi 2 años
Out of the box designs!
hace más de 1 año
It's absolutely a great privilege to work with this team. They taught me success is not just about what you accomplish in your life, it's about what you inspires others to do. Yeah, they are inspiring!!
hace casi 3 años
Im Completele satisfied with their work.
hace más de 2 años
Designs and creativity is very higher.. owsome services from this company. 👍
hace casi 3 años
A very average service provider with inflated price tag and extremely poor after sales support. You have to work extremely hard with Monnaie team to get things done. Once the project is completed, you have to beg with Ms Anupriya to get things sorted out. Extremely unprofessional and unethical. The quality of work execution (not the quality of materials used) can be determined by me contacting them at least 20 times with in months of handing over. Monnaie claim to be the best is totally farce. Most of their video reviews they conduct after handing over the project is coerced, when they tried the same with me, I refused to give them a positive review. Simply stay away from Monnaie Architects & Interiors, not recommended at all.
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Its really a good architectural firm with creative works and the best thing about everything related to architecture and interior design.
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I had a good space connection with monnaie, very professional and creative teams.
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Clear and concise communication , thoughtful service and good design . Highly recommended
hace alrededor de 1 año
Excellent listening, amazing solutions with very realistic 3DDesigns, One of the interior design firm in kerala.
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My home was really terrible and interior decor has done absolutely incredible work!!
hace alrededor de 1 año
I like it ....this company's 3d works....
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